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Dear all,

I am Claudio Hidalgo-Cantabrana, a crazy motorbike rider, triathlon men, dog lover and trying to be a good husband (in the learning process) as well!! But thats all in my free time.

To survive I work as a microbiologist in the field of CRISPR and lactic acid bacteria with the aim to use CRISPR to design new generation of antimicrobials, enhance probiotics and for vaccine delivery. For this purpose, I am working with Rodolphe Barrangou at North Carolina State University (USA) in the @CRISPRlab.

With this blog I will try to keep you update in the most recent advance applications of CRISPR, not only genome editing.

You can also follow me at @ClaudioCRISPR

Thanks for reading and sharing!!

Image: arinarici / iStock; Jinek M (University of Zurich)


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