Gold Nanoparticles to deliver Cas9

CRISPR-Cas systems represent the cutting edge technology for genome editing with a wide range of applications, from basic research science in model organisms to the highest advance therapeutics applications to develop new antimicrobials and to cure genetic diseases. The power of CRISPR technology is based on a reprogrammable nuclease that can be guide to a … Read more

International Conference on CRISPR Technologies

Only one week for the International Conference on CRISPR Technologies that will be in Raleigh, NC. CRISPR technologies have been widely embraced for both basic and applied research. This space has rapidly moved forward since the first demonstration of Cas9-mediated genome editing with the discovery of new nucleases, the development of diverse and novel CRISPR … Read more

The CRISPR Journal ready for 2018

The CRISPR Journal launching in 2018!! The rampant growth of CRISPR technology is driving research in all areas of the life sciences and biotechnology. The CRISPR Journal, a new peer-reviewed publication launching in 2018, will be the voice of the ever-growing CRISPR community, publishing groundbreaking research in a multitude of disciplines, advances in the underlying technology and … Read more