NIH ensure $190M for CRISPR Genome Editing Research

The NIH plans to invest $190M during the next 6 years to fund researchers developing tools and technologies to ensure safety and effectiveness in genome editing in humans, focus on non-reproductive somatic cells.

NIH Director Dr. Francis S. Collins declare yesterday that “Genome editing technologies such as CRISPR/Cas9 are revolutionizing biomedical research. The focus of the Somatic Cell Genome Editing program is to dramatically accelerate the translation of these technologies to the clinic for treatment of as many genetic diseases as possible,”

The funding opportunities will be lunch during the next mont and through the NIH Common Fund. The main categories will be:

  • Improve the delivery mechanisms for targeting gene editing tools in patients,
  • Develop new and improved genome editors,
  • Develop assays for testing the safety and efficacy of the genome editing tools in animal and human cells, and

More information:

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